South Carolina State Gifts

South Carolina State Gifts

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South Carolina Gifts

When looking at a picture of the various state flags, South Carolina is hard to miss. With the iconic Palmetto and Crescent Moon the symbols of this great state are on full display. These symbols are much more than a way to identify the state, they serve as a point of pride for each and every South Carolinian from Greenville to Savannah.

The palmetto and the crescent are actually remnants of the Revolutionary War when the South Carolina troops needed a symbol to carry into battle. The crescent is representative of the pins that the state soldiers wore on their hats and the Sabal palmetto was easily recognized as abundant in the area. Combined with the striking blue background they form the symbol we all recognize as uniquely South Carolina.

At Sarge Gifts we proudly offer a selection of gifts that are sure to show your state pride. There was so much demand for South Carolina items, that we are now offering exclusive drinkware, leather items, and more, branded with the iconic crescent and palmetto logo. The Sarge Gifts selection of South Carolina State items make ideal gifts for the state native or homesick expat. Show your South Carolina State Pride with Sarge Gifts!